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    Read: Introduction of Positioned for Purpose, (Optional: read through the entire book of Esther during this week and the next!). Let’s begin by addressing the discouragement and despair that many have been feeling over the past few years in the form of disappointment and even disbelief of promises not coming to pass. I share with you my own personal story and testimony as an encouragement you that we are all in this together, but we will finish by remembering that despite what your circumstances may look like now or how you may feel or how little faith you may have left, God absolutely has a powerful call for you and as you continue through this journey over the next few weeks you will be equipped and empowered to activate this very call in your life!


    Read: Chapter 1 of Positioned for Purpose. What God has in store for His Church will require us to exchange old ways of thinking and doing things for new paradigms and new wineskins. In order to do this we have to face the spirit of religion at work in the church keeping God’s people blind and bound and we have to be set free into His love, grace and goodness because that is exactly how He is coming in power in these days.


    Read Chapter 2 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapter 1 of Esther. This week we will draw some prophetic powerful parallels between the story of Esther and the era that we have entered into. We will look at the symbolism revealed in Esther 1, which sets us up for the rest of the book to be able to perceive her story through the lens of Jesus, the cross, resurrection, the era we are in now as the Church and how it relates to us, individually, today.


    Read: Chapter 3 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapter 2 of Esther. Just like Esther was still required to go through a time of preparation - even though she was already highly gifted and favoured by God, so too do we have to go through a process that ensures we are strong, mature, humble and pure before God can finally place us in the positions He has called us to. It is so important that we continually search our own hearts and ask God to shine His revelation Spirit deep within us to uncover anything hidden in our heart.


    Read : Chapter 4 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapters 2:15-23 & 3 of Esther. The process of preparation requires an often painful, but absolutely necessary purging, pruning and purifying, but it is in this place of complete surrender and being emptied of our ‘self-life,’ ‘flesh-life’ and ‘old-man’ that we are then ready to be filled with Him and walk in the Spirit-life we are created for. Only then, through humility and holiness, can He truly promote us for His purposes.


    Read: Chapter 5 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapter 4 of Esther. God has a plan and a purpose for everyone, but we have to say ‘yes’ to the call and we have to step out in action to activate all that He has in store for us. He is such a good God who invites us to join in with all of His amazing plans for His Kingdom, and He gives us the opportunity to co-labour with Him to see His sovereign purposes come to pass.


    Read: Chapter 6 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapters 4:13-17 & 5:1-3 of Esther. Just as Esther faced the king with her request, so too are we placed in positions where we must boldly step out and risk it all in order to discover ‘if, perhaps’ we were created for this very task. We are equipped with every heavenly resource to do this and as we humbly, prayerfully and wisely seek God for His wisdom and strategy we can be sure that our moment of opportunity will prove that we were absolutely and undoubtedly created ‘for such a time as this.’


    Read: Chapter 7 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapters 5 & 6 of Esther. Just as both Esther and Haman were likewise offered an opportunity to increase and benefit themselves, so too are we faced with trials and temptations for worldly security. But the strength required to endure this is the very test we pass in order for God to know that He can rely upon us with the magnitude of what He wants to entrust us with as His faithful stewards. It’s also a reminder that God remembers everything we have faithfully sown and every tear, prayer and petition we have already given Him and just as He delivers, sets free, redeems and renews, He is also reversing our circumstances for His purposes. In the same way, we must remember His goodness and all He has done for us personally in our own lives and for His people throughout history in order to strengthen ourselves and be expect of breakthrough.


    Read: Chapter 8 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapters 7 & 8 of Esther. The Church in this time is awakening to her true identity as sons and daughters of the King of kings and arising in the God given authority already given to us through our union with Christ, seated in the heavenly realms at the right hand of God. We will delve deeper into what this means and how scripture guarantees our place in heaven with Jesus as co-labourers as we go about the will of the Father in obedience to His commission to take His message to the ends of the earth.


    Read: Chapter 9 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapter 9 of Esther. Breakthrough and victory are imminent because God is faithful, yet just like the Jews, we still have to step up and step out to claim that victory by activating our faith and taking hold of what is rightfully ours through the blood of Jesus.


    Read: Chapter 10 of Positioned for Purpose and Chapter 10 of Esther. Nothing in our life is about us. Nothing we do is for ourselves. Not even the greatest level of positioning is for our own purpose, but for the greater good of others and most importantly, all for HIS glory, not ours. This is why the purging and purifying process of preparation is so important, because when we have victory we have are required to use our position, possessions, favour and anointing for God’s purposes and God’s Kingdom, never ourselves.


    Read: Chapter 11 of Positioned for Purpose. We truly are in the kairos moment of divine opportunity and favour colliding. This final week is a powerful call to action to choose to partner with all that God is doing in His Kingdom throughout the world right now and in the coming days. It gives a prophetic glimpse of what is to come and the magnitude of His glory that is being poured out as the great harvest begins in these times and how we can position ourselves in humility and faith to ensure we do not miss out on what God is doing at this sovereign time.

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  • lauradevries

    SO good. God has been opening my eyes to the spirit of religion for several years now. Living in a tiny rural town in the Midwest (USA), we just keep getting “weirder” in our faith. In fact? We have several in our community that will no longer interact with us, for fear of what we’ve gotten ourselves into (or, perhaps more accurately, OUT of)!

    OH, Love! YES. God is peeling me wide open, helping me see where I’m still “old” in my thinking. Inviting me to first sit in perfect love, then let that love pour out. And honestly? It’s painful. My husband and I come from VERY broken (abusive + addicted) families, so loving and not condoning seem to always be in tension. I’m praying for breakthrough as I continue to listen and learn through this course!

    Thank you, Natalie! What you are doing here is important and timely!!!

  • Bronwyn

    Great week! I really appreciated the Passion Translation for Song of Songs. Love the explanation from footnotes of Dr. Brian Simmons from Song of Solomon 2:15 These “foxes” are the compromises that are hidden deep in our hearts. These are areas of our lives where we have not yet allowed the victory of Christ to shine into. The foxes keep the fruit of his Spirit from growing within us.
    This verse 15 says “We will do it together”!!!!

    John 15:25-33 NKJV
    vs. 3,4 “You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you. Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.”

    Just sensed the Lord calling me to the “Garden” this week and Song of Songs so beautifully ties into this week.

    In regard to spirit of religion. Thank you for speaking to this. My heart is believing for justice where perhaps a religious spirit has not considered sexual abuse victims and praying for justice for those who have been affected by this. May He teach church leaders to shepherd with His heart and keep our children safe and expose that which is not of Him.

    Your question 8 this week in regard to how the Father sees us just as we are. The song “Champion” by Dante Bowe with Bethel Music so beautifully states…”I am who You say I am. You crown me with confidence. I am seated in the heavenly place. Undefeated, with the One Who has conquered it all…………I have the authority Jesus has given me.”

    Bless you.

  • gmm5253

    God had spoken to me Saturday about the body of Christ being like a mirage in the desert- promising water but offering no life. When I read this section it became clear that He was addressing the spirit of religion in our home church and to anyone else listening. It was powerful. God has never spoken through me to the body like that before! The entire service aligned. It was beautiful. This section is so on time!

  • Judy Waite

    Just finished Week 1 – I found it really challenging and exciting at the same time, as a journey of the heart is. I am loving it. Natalie, thank you for not only writing the book (which I couldn’t put down first time I read it) but for also expanding it with the study and the timing is incredible.
    Blessings 🙂

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