Positioned for Purpose is an invitation to you as a believer to recognise this era of God’s magnificent display of love, grace, power and the great harvest of souls upon us in order to partner with His plans to see your divine calling come to pass. Through revelation from the book of Esther as well as Natalie’s personal testimony and experience, Positioned for Purpose is an encouragement to press in to see the promises of God’s Word fulfilled in your life, heavenly assignments activated, and to step into your God-given call.




Positioned for Purpose is a prophetic picture of the imminent era of Gods glory and power manifesting to the world. It is a clarion call to the Bride to awake and arise in healing, wholeness, humility, purity and maturity as the Kingdom of God is extended throughout the world, fulfilling His great commission of being baptised with power to take His hope of salvation to the ends of the earth.

Learn how to:

  • Unlock the promises of His Word and prophecies delivered to you that are lying dormant or feeling unfulfilled
  • Partner with His plan for your life and your part to play in the Kingdom as you discover what He is doing in these times and within His Bride
  • Step into your identity in Christ as a co-heir, co-labourer and co-partner and walk in the power and authority that Jesus calls us to
  • Walk in the mandate of love and unity by tearing down the influence of the spirit of religion that has been at work in the Church for too long
  • Be positioned to take back mountaintops of society, culture and realms of influence that rightfully belong to the domain of God