Established. My Radiant Bride

“Can you even imagine a life where all the heaviness and weight is gone? Where you are simply free to just love me, and be loved by me? Where all the cares of your heart don’t matter because you are so secure in my sovereignty and can genuinely rest in life, knowing that I am at work for you and you don’t have to do anything but trust me, rest in me and pursue me? A life where all the pressure and pain is gone – not from circumstances, but gone within you – from your heart, soul and mind, spirit and body? All gone. 

This is freedom. This is true freedom in me. When you take it all and and trust me with your life, your heart, your future, your family, your children, your marriage, your purpose and destiny, your resources, your health, your body. Trust me, with the world, the earth, the environment, the food you eat, the future of generations. I’ve got it all in my hands – so you don’t have to clench tightly to anything. Feel the burdens lift. Feel the weight come off. Live from this place of perfect rest. 

I’ve got it all in my hands – so you don’t have to clench tightly to anything

Rest in me – when you are free from all these cares and pressures, then you will find me. We will spend more time together – growing in intimacy, when you don’t hold on with clenched fists to these cares. You will have perfect peace, knowing I’m in control and I have control. You’ll be free to experience pure joy! Real joy can only spring fourth when you let go of all you are holding onto. You are being set free my dear, my beautiful one. You are radiant and glowing in beauty as you rest in me now. I’m taking it all – every stronghold, every shackle, every burden, every pain, every pressure. I’m taking the weight of it all, because I can handle it. I have already conquered it.

Yoke yourself to me, in rest. Walk with me in union, I can bear the weight of the yoke as long as you walk with me – side-by-side, in intimacy. You truly are being purified in this process. Purity and maturity are yours – greater than you could ever imagine. Now you really have gotten to the end of yourself. You have scraped the bottom of the barrel and you have found me here, waiting. You have found what really matters – humility, kingdom values, my desires, my heart, maturity, and above all, love!

You have finally found love! My love! It’s been here all along – throughout your life I have been wooing you and pursuing you – see? Even that very night when you invited me in – that was me, not you, me – knocking on your heart asking to come in. I marked you, chose you, called you and pursued you. I had you the whole time and you were always destined to be mine. I created within you the great passion, desire and hunger that you have always had for me. I put it in there and I fanned those flames of your fiery love for me. Your passion is what I love about you – you truly love me so passionately! How could I not feel that? I look into your eyes and I see a fierce and fiery passionate love for me. I see my reflection in your eyes of fire – because your eyes are on me! Your eyes are truly on me.

Throughout your life I have been wooing you and pursuing you

Don’t doubt yourself, my beautiful one, don’t think you don’t deserve this love, don’t think you are unlovable or unloving – the battle throughout your life has been over this very thing – because when you realised how loved you truly are and how loving you really are, everything changed! The way you receive my love and overflow with my love is going to transform the world around you. Oh my little one, you have no idea of the plans I have for you! You look back and see failure, but I look forward to the future and I know the promises, purposes and destiny that I have designed for you! It truly is beyond your wildest dreams! You could never imagine what I have in store for you and your life. Don’t doubt it now – ARISE my beautiful one – grasp hold of this hope, for from this hope and faith will spring fourth my perfect plans for you. Transformation is here transition is near. You will look back on this year and it will be the turning point of your life. Joy from despair. Hope from hopelessness. Health from disease. Healing from woundedness. Wholeness from brokenness. Watch faith rise in this time. 2019 is mine. 

Transformation is here transition is near. Watch faith rise in this time. 2019 is mine

I haven’t even begun the very work in you that I am doing in this year. Yes, the months are few and they will be fast, but watch what I do – what only I can do – in these months ahead. It’s a different year from now on in. You have discovered me, you have discovered rest, you have discovered hope, joy, purity, humility, maturity! You truly are now established, fortified and you will endure, because you are my mighty one, my warrior bride. I have positions and promotions for you on the front line of the battle – forcing back the powers of darkness, demolishing the lies and injustices, igniting faith and hope in me! Releasing life and life in abundance! 

You truly are now established, fortified and you will endure, because you are my mighty one, my warrior bride

It has all been for this, it has all been in my hands the whole time – this hasn’t been a failing – it’s been me hiding you, preparing you for the unveiling! Do not be scared to be exposed. Do not think you are not worthy or that you have no humility. I can only unveil and expose and promote my loved ones who truly have my heart. Who have walked through the fire and who have burned off all the worldly desires, who have discovered love and who have completed the preparation with pure hearts. I can only use the truly humble. I can trust you – listen to me my darling, I can trust you! So trust yourself, you’ve got this! Trust yourself because you can trust me. That’s how I can trust you, because you truly trust me. I have seen every moment, I know every thought, every attack, every lie, every wound, every pressure, every hurt, every failure and weakness – I know it better than you do. You think you have merely just survived, but I’ve developed the greatest resilience, strength, endurance and faith in you that you could ever imagine.

You are established. You are mature. You are fortified. You have endured. 

You think you have merely just survived, but I’ve developed the greatest resilience, strength, endurance and faith in you that you could ever imagine

I have had you this whole time, don’t look back and see empty years and wasted time – but see my sovereign hand upon you, at work within you and my perfect plan unveiling before you. I am Unveiling you, my child. I am so unbelievably proud of you – your faithfulness, your resilience, your endurance, you have developed character! Look! See what I see! I can see it! You’ve never given up, you’ve always stood back up, you’ve always pushed through and continued in me. Oh my beautiful child, you are mine! You are so mine! You are my favourite one! My hand is upon your life and you are about to see what I have been storing up for you all this time! 

You will speak my truth with power. You will point people to my presence and love Where they will discover me for the first time! You will rid religion from my radiant bride! You will place her back in her position of purpose and power. You are ushering in this great reformation and transformation in my kingdom and world and you will see the fruit of my goodness, love and power! Bodies will rise! Cancer will go! Diseases will be healed! Hearts will be made whole! Lead my people into my love! Love is the answer, love is the key, love is the treasure – love is it! It’s all it is because it’s all that is needed! My love!

Believe in yourself, because I believe in you, my beautiful one. I believe in you because I know what I am capable of, and what I have perfectly planned. Believe in me and you will believe in you.

Love is the answer, love is the key, love is the treasure – love is it! It’s all it is because it’s all that is needed! My love!

Walk free. Just walk free. Rest in me, and walk free. My law of liberty, my law of love is the only thing there is. Give it everything. Give it your all this time, from now on. Faith. Hope. Belief. Standing on my word. Truth. Give it all.

Imagine if you lived like this from now on? …Forever. Imagine if you were never bowled over on the inside ever again. Imagine every attack and circumstance never got you down – because you are in me. Imagine you never believed or entertained the lies ever again. Imagine you took hold of all the triggers and didn’t pull them, but put them down. This is you. This is who you are. This is your future. Your now. Who you’ve always been. Just arise and choose hope and faith once and for all. This is true maturity. Never again tossed by the waves of doubt, disbelief or confusion. But solidified and fortified in my word and truth. You are pure. You are mature. Arise and walk forth in this. You are mine.

Imagine if you were never bowled over on the inside ever again…never again tossed by the waves of doubt, disbelief or confusion – but solidified and fortified in my word and truth.

I see your beauty, and now it’s time you do too. You are stately and beautiful. A child of strength and dignity. You are nobility. You are full of grace. You are a deeply devoted bride and when others look at you they will see the radiance of your devotion to me. You will be looked at from afar, and known intimately from those close – as a person of great love. Great compassion. Great grace. Great empathy. Great vulnerability. You will be known as my child of wisdom of great discernment, great strategy. You will be known as one of my greatest godly lovers that ever existed. This is your position in heaven. This is where you are already seated with me in the heavenly’s, and for all eternity. Your name is already written. Your destiny already determined. Take your position, my darling, take your seat next to next to my throne, in perfect union with my son. Don’t doubt yourself – this is my word – my truth – believe it and walk in it, once and for all. Walk in it because you are pure, humble and mature. You are my radiant, radiant bride.”

I see your beauty, and now it’s time you do too

~ ~ ~

Song of Songs 7 & 8:5-7, 10-14 The Passion Translation (TPT)

“How beautiful on the mountains

are the sandalled feet of this one bringing such good news.

You are truly royalty!

The way you walk so gracefully in my ways

displays such dignity.

You are truly the poetry of God—his very handiwork.

Out of your innermost being

is flowing the fullness of my Spirit—

never failing to satisfy.

Within your womb there is a birthing of harvest wheat;

they are the sons and daughters

nurtured by the purity you impart.

How gracious you have become!

Your life stands tall as a tower, like a shining light on a hill.

Your revelation eyes are pure, like pools of refreshing—

sparkling light for a multitude.

Such discernment surrounds you,

protecting you from the enemy’s advance.

Redeeming love crowns you as royalty.

Your thoughts are full of life, wisdom, and virtue.

Even a king is held captive by your beauty.

How delicious is your fair beauty;

it cannot be described

as I count the delights you bring to me.

Love has become the greatest.

You stand in victory above the rest,

stately and secure as you share with me

your vineyard of love.

Now I decree, I will ascend and arise.

I will take hold of you with my power,

possessing every part of my fruitful bride.

Your love I will drink as wine,

and your words will be mine.

For your kisses of love are exhilarating,

more than any delight I’ve known before.

Your kisses of love awaken even the lips of sleeping ones.

The Shulamite Bride

Now I know that I am filled with my beloved

and all his desires are fulfilled in me.

Come away, my lover.

Come with me to the faraway fields.

We will run away together to the forgotten places

and show them redeeming love.

Let us arise and run to the vineyards of your people

and see if the budding vines of love are now in full bloom.

We will discover if their passion is awakened.

There I will display my love for you.

The love apples are in bloom,

sending forth their fragrance of spring.

The rarest of fruits are found at our doors—

the new as well as the old.

I have stored them for you, my lover-friend!

The Bridegroom-King

Who is this one? Look at her now!

She arises out of her desert, clinging to her beloved.

When I awakened you under the apple tree,

as you were feasting upon me,

I awakened your innermost being with the travail of birth

as you longed for more of me.

Fasten me upon your heart as a seal of fire forevermore.

This living, consuming flame

will seal you as my prisoner of love.

My passion is stronger

than the chains of death and the grave,

all consuming as the very flashes of fire

from the burning heart of God.

Place this fierce, unrelenting fire over your entire being.

Rivers of pain and persecution

will never extinguish this flame.

Endless floods will be unable

to quench this raging fire that burns within you.

Everything will be consumed.

It will stop at nothing

as you yield everything to this furious fire

until it won’t even seem to you like a sacrifice anymore.

The Shulamite Bride

But now I have grown and become a bride,

and my love for him has made me

a tower of passion and contentment for my beloved.

I am now a firm wall of protection for others,

guarding them from harm.

This is how he sees me—I am the one who brings him bliss,

finding favor in his eyes.

My bridegroom-king has a vineyard of love

made from a multitude of followers.

His caretakers of this vineyard

have given my beloved their best.

But as for my own vineyard of love,

I give it all to you forever.

And I will give double honour

to those who serve my beloved

and have watched over my soul.

My beloved, one with me in my garden,

how marvellous that my friends, the brides-to-be,

now hear your voice and song.

Let me now hear it again.

The Bridegroom and the Bride in Divine Duet

Arise, my darling!

Come quickly, my beloved.

Come and be the graceful gazelle with me.

Come be like a dancing deer with me.

We will dance in the high place of the sky,

yes, on the mountains of fragrant spice.

Forever we shall be united as one!

“Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis.Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in me. For all that I require of you will be pleasant[f] and easy to bear.” Matthew 11:28-30 (TPT)

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energises you.” Ephesians 3:20 (TPT)

“But he had already sent a man ahead of his people to Egypt; it was Joseph, who was sold as a slave. His feet were bruised by strong shackles and his soul was held by iron. God’s promise to Joseph purged his character until it was time for his dreams to come true.” Psalm 106:17-19 (TPT)

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