Expect the Unexpected!

I have had this message burning in me for MONTHS! But it’s a good thing I haven’t written it until now, because little did I know ten months ago when it began stirring inside of me, that the greatest outpouring and revelation was yet to come. So I’m going to start at the end…but the beauty is that this end is really only the beginning of what is to come.

Four weeks ago today we gave birth to our third child, Fleur Grace. This was no ordinary birth (as none of ours seem to be!), as we accidentally delivered her at home, by ourselves, on our bathroom ensuite floor, after nothing less than an easy and pain free five minute labour. Yep. You heard correctly. FIVE.MINUTE.LABOUR. Which actually would have been even less if it wasn’t for me holding on and keeping her in from falling out while I screamed out to my husband for help, but that’s a whole other story I’ll write about another time!

So when I say ‘expect the unexpected’ I’m talking about walking into the bathroom in the morning to brush your teeth and delivering a baby with your own hands before you even have time to spit and rinse. Don’t even get me started on UNEXPECTED!!! Ok wait, get me started…here at the beginning of our story and we’ll lead up to Fleur’s prophetic and powerful birth…


Nine months ago I came running out of the bathroom holding onto a stick I’d just pee’d on laughing hysterically in utter shock and disbelief screaming to my husband “I’m pregnant!!! I’M PREGNANT!!!” This was the beginning of our ‘expect the unexpected’ journey. For those who know us or who follow this blog, you will know that we went through a journey to be able to have children. It was over four years worth of trying and multiple miscarriages before we were able to have a full term pregnancy and hold the manifest promise of God’s goodness and faithfulness in our arms, our first born son, Hugo James. I won’t go into detail now, but you can read the four part series about it here. Following Hugo we fell pregnant relatively easily with our daughter, Everly Rose, after only four months of trying (and you can read about that one here!). The day I found out I was pregnant with Everly I had a strong sense inside of me that the next and all subsequent conceptions would be easy. I just felt like whatever it was that had been holding us back before was completely broken over our life and God’s grace and favour had come upon us in this particular area. I had the innate knowledge that whatever it was that was preventing us from falling pregnant or stealing our fruit before it was ripe was finally broken off our life and from now on we would walk in the freedom of falling pregnant and having children with the ease and grace that so many around us seemed to do.

So when I came running out of the bathroom in utter disbelief at the two positive lines that appeared on the pregnancy test, it wasn’t shock for a bad reason, but shock in the absolute best possible way! For a couple who’d been married for over 11 years and tried to fall pregnant for over four years, this was the most welcomed shock ever. My laughter was laughter of joy and ecstasy at His goodness! We hadn’t even tried!!!! We hadn’t even TRIED to fall pregnant! In fact, I was still breastfeeding my daughter and hadn’t yet got my cycle back to even know when to try! Unless you’ve walked even the shortest journey of infertility or struggling to conceive, you will have no idea how amazing it is to not even have to TRY to receive one of the greatest desires of our heart! I can’t even put it into words as I write now, except to say it was the most welcomed surprise we have ever received from God.

God spoke to me the following days through this gift as I revelled in joyful disbelief, pinching myself every time I thought about it – “Expect the unexpected.” I felt him say that this was the beginning of a season of unexpected surprises, of twists and turns in our journey that are completely unplanned, unforeseen and left of field in comparison to the path that we thought we were on. And I’m not just talking about us as a family, but for the entire Bride around the world.

Following our joyful news I can testify that our lives have most definitely been filled to the brim with unexpected changes, directions, experiences and surprises. We had such a strong and direct path we were walking towards, yet where we are now, nine months later, is completely opposite to where we thought we would be. Physically and situationally things look dramatically different to everything we expected, but spiritually God has us on the exact same path…it has just manifested in ways we could not predict or discern. The promises and the vision are the same, but the way they have come about has blown our minds because they are actually a thousand times bigger and better than anything we ever imagined. Talk about Ephesians 3:20, this is that verse on steroids! SIGNIFICANTLY above and beyond anything that we could ever dare to think, ask or imagine!

Fast forward to four weeks ago when we sat on our bathroom floor together looking into the fresh face of our perfect little baby girl who we just delivered ourselves. ‘Unexpected’ doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt in that moment. I didn’t have any warning that I was in labour, not a contraction, not a hint, I just walked into the bathroom and as I stood there brushing my teeth my waters broke and out came a baby.

In the last four weeks I have heard so much from God about how prophetic Fleur’s birth and entrance into this world really is. The Church is in a time, a season, a moment where things are going to dramatically change in a sudden. One minute brushing your teeth, the next minute delivering your own baby! The people of God can expect the unexpected, and expect it to happen in an instant! In mere moments circumstances will completely turn around. In a matter of minutes bondages will be broken and freedom released. Overnight people will wake up transformed. In sheer moments healings will take place and people will be changed forever. Without warning the Spirit will fall and his presence will pour out and touch and transform. This is the season of the unexpected! This is the season of instantaneous turnaround! This is the season of miraculous transformation! This is the season where YOU can expect God to do the unexpected!


Wipe all plans and predictions from your mind, because if you can think it then it is too small for what he is actually going to perform in your life. Whatever your perfect, best case scenario is, let it go now, because what he is ACTUALLY going to do with you, for you and through you, will completely supersede even your wildest dreams. Whatever you are holding onto deeply in the corners of your heart, your deepest desires that are too precious to even share with anyone, perhaps too personal to even ask God for, you can be assured that he sees them, knows them, but has something even GREATER prepared for you and about to bestow upon you. Let go of everything in this season, because it ALL falls short of the amazing plans and destinies he has prepared and is now manifesting in the lives of his faithful and hungry people who have said ‘yes’ to him and who are crying out for more, more, MORE of HIM. Let it all go, because the only thing you can expect in this season, is the unexpected.

Dream big.
Desire deeply.
Seek his love.
Pursue his presence.
Hunger for his glory.
He is about to blow your mind with the sudden manifestation of his promises, purposes, plans and paths for your life.

Your life can change in an instant, just as it did for us in the little five minutes it took for baby Fleur to come into our lives.



  • Vi

    Love ❤️ this story! Love home birth and Love the two unassisted home births that I had! And I love ❤️ spiritual births even more! Thank you for sharing!

    • Admin bar avatar

      tenacious mama

      Oh wonderful! I’d love to hear about your unassisted home births! I can’t get enough of birth stories, especially positive ones! Yes, all my kids births have been spiritual in some way…God definitely uses all kinds of circumstances to speak his profound wisdom and revelation!
      Nat Xxx

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