Holiness Sets Us Free!

This is a very different message to what I usually write and release, however, since the crossover into this new era at the commencement of 2020, the Lord has been speaking to me in brand new ways that I have never experienced before. As I hear and write these words I feel like it’s a difference voice, a different paradigm, a different message…all good! But definitely different. Before I began releasing any of this ‘new’ I wanted to first wait on God and to submit these revelations to people in my life who have gifts of discernment and who walk powerfully in the prophetic who could tell me whether they felt I was on the right track or hearing correctly. 

Those around me and above me who I submitted to and sought the wisdom of have collectively affirmed that these revelations and prophetic writings are words of exhortation and admonishment. Although I’ve always thought of ‘exhort’ and ‘admonish’ more along the lines of gentle encouragement that builds up and strengthens, after studying these words a little deeper I can see that they’re heavily focused on communicating something emphatically and urgently…that requires action. Admonishing is about an urgent warning, reprimand even. It’s so much more than encouragement! It’s a call to action and the most encouraging part is that if we follow and obey His lead, the blessing it will release to us in our obedience will be beyond comprehension!

I understand these concepts are very much in line with Old Testament style of prophecies and we now live in the New Covenant of grace. However, we have again stepped into a new realm in the prophetic as we entered this new era. Globally, the Spirit of God is increasing in words of exhortation and admonishment in this hour. The warning isn’t to condemn us, it’s an invitation for us to see with open eyes and hear with open ears and receive with open hearts, in order to realign ourselves, our ways and our lives with His will. It’s not that He is prophesying doom and gloom and lightening bolts if we don’t respond to the exhortation or warning, it’s that we will miss out on what God is about to do. 

Because of His great love for us and in His deep, deep grace,He is inviting us to join with Him in the process of purging and purifying ourselves in preparation for the magnitude of what He has ahead for us. God is moving in a new way in this era, the greatest move of the Holy Spirit, the power and authority of Jesus and the glory and magnificence of God is upon us! He is absolutely purging and purifying His church, He is calling us higher into holiness and deeper into purity. It is such a beautiful thing and something to be humbly embraced! I understand the language of this new season has suddenly shifted, but that is because He is speaking differently. We need new wineskins for the new wine!

What lays ahead began as a simple and small revelation in my spirit as I read through Scripture. As I began articulating my impressions into words in what I thought would be a little post for Instagram, continually unravelled and overflowed into this. This isn’t a ‘thus safety the Lord’ prophetic word, nor is it a gentle Holy Spirit whisper. It’s simply me candidly unravelling a revelation in casual conversation, intertwined with His words and heart that I continually heard as I was writing. I pray it encourages you, no matter what the conviction! He loves us so much that He already has a redemptive, restorative answer for absolutely everything! And whatever the Lord reveals, He lovingly heals. It’s time for health and wholeness, humility and holiness, purity and maturity! Let’s go!

Nat xxx

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“All those who insist that you be circumcised are recruiting you so they can boast in their own works. They are attempting to avoid the persecution that comes with preaching the liberating message of the cross of Messiah!” Galatians 6:12 TPT

An encouragement to those who are preaching, prophesying and pursuing purity and holiness in this new era. The legalistic spirit will try and label it as religious and attempt to bind it as Old Covenant. But freedom isn’t found in indulging in whatever we please, freedom is found in the revelation of grace and activated faith through obedience. Oops, there’s that offensive word again! ‘Obedience denotes legislative law and religious duty.’ No…obedience is our highest offering, act of worship and evidence of love to our Saviour and Lordship of Jesus Christ in our life who liberated us from the very strongholds trying to entangle us to prevent us from being purified and walking deeper in holiness. 

Why do some in the church preach a lukewarm, ear-tickling, so-close-yet-so-far-off message that actually conforms to the culture around us instead of the Kingdom within us? This verse tells us exactly why and it’s a double whammy. 


Firstly, we aren’t exempt from falling into the ways of this world. It may be deep down within the crevices of our own souls and it may be covered on the outside with displays of godliness and virtue, but the unintentional, unperceived, unawakened agendas and motivations are very much at work. ‘Insist that you be circumcised‘ means demanding and dictating that we ‘do’ out of duty (rules, law, religious rituals), it’s about OUTWARD appearance. ‘So they can boast in their own works’ = the ‘fruit’ it produces is for show and it glorifies us, not God. Yet we are called to humility, laying down our life and taking up our cross, to walk with Him at whatever the cost and ALL that He does within us and produces through us is for HIS GLORY, not ours. His name, not ours. His fame, not ours. His Kingdom, not ours.

I actually believe that VERY FEW people who are doing this are deliberately doing it. These are the ones who the Bible calls the false teachers and false prophets. They are DELIBERATELY led by evil and knowingly teaching a gospel OTHER THAN the gospel of grace and the cross of Christ (which is the biblical definition of false teachers/prophets – not simply that we don’t like what they say, or they disagree with our doctrine, or we have a ‘check in our spirit’ which is usually offence and/or the actual truth being stirred within us!), for their own gain. Their own agenda. Their own purposes. Not everyone who has a big platform, a public face, a huge ministry, an extensive realm of influence is bad or evil or self-promoting. In fact, I would suggest it’s the rest of us little guys living little lives (worldly speaking, not in the Kingdom and calling sense!) who are the ones who need to look at ourselves more closely (instead of pursuing a platform or self-promoting our own ideas and opinions in an attempt to become influential), with a Holy Spirit microscope, and ask Him to illuminate the deepest of depths within us to expose anything hiding in us and reveal it all to us SO THAT we can have our eyes unveiled to the very truth about us in order to REPENT, REALIGN and RENEW our minds…which is what the Bible defines as transformation. This is such a Romans 12:1-2 moment in the Body of Christ. 


We are called to be in the world, not of it. For some, we need to be a little more IN. We’re too far removed from the reality that the rest of the world lives in that we are no longer relatable. How can we bring His Kingdom love, answers and strategies if we’re weird, ignorant, unrealistic or seem as though we’re from another planet? We’re not from another planet, we’re from another REALM. And we’re called to bring that realm TO earth and TO the lost to change and transform this earthly realm because the heavenly realm trumps this one in power and authority. There’s our call and commission summed up in one simple sentence! 

“We’re not from another planet, we’re from another REALM. And we’re called to bring that realm TO earth and TO the lost to change and transform this earthly realm because the heavenly realm trumps this one in power and authority.”

We don’t need to be weird. We don’t need to go around bashing people with our Bibles. That’s not holiness, that’s just annoying (and I see Jesus face-palming Himself and shaking His head in embarrassment when we do!) and we’re doing more damage for the Kingdom than good. We’re actually perfectly welcome to be normal human beings and look and act like our neighbours and friends, living normal lives like everyone around us…we just must filter ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our behaviour, our actions and our lives through the Word of God first, adhering to biblical truth and values in everything we do and don’t allow anything to penetrate these parameters of protection and boarders of boundaries we have been blessed with to live life in abundance WITHIN. We will stand out for all the right reasons and we will shine like the light we are called to be.

For others of us, we need to be a little less OF. We can’t live by worldly values and think we’re in the Kingdom any longer. We can’t walk in worldly ways and call ourselves true believers. We can’t live mixed lives. We can’t have our purity tainted. We can’t think that we can continue to lead ministries, churches and movements yet get away with the self-promoting, jealousy-fuelled, gift-envying agendas of our hearts. Nor the competing and comparing, the compromising and conforming, the gossiping and slandering, the marring of names and reputations because of our offence and unforgiveness, the seeking of approval, the pursuit of appearance, the fear of man over the fear of God. And certainly not the blatant immorality hiding in our lives. The pursuit of pornography right after preaching, the lustful looks and thoughts towards the gorgeous girls or guys around us, the physical adultery going on while we’re simultaneously teaching the Word of God, the sexual relationships we’re having with peer church leaders while we’re pastoring youth, the hunger and greed for monetising our ministry and gaining impure profit from prophecy, peddling the gospel. Oh yes, I am calling it all out! I am naming it by name! I am giving it the labels it deserves! I’m defining it by its activity! I’m going there! I’ve gone there! And I’ll keep going!!!


Grace isn’t the freedom to live however we want and simply ask for forgiveness and get a slap on the wrist for disobedience at the end of life. Grace is the very thing that SETS US FREE FROM the desires and cravings that CONTROL us. We aren’t free if we dabble in impurity – we are BOUND and IN CHAINS to the very things we think we are ‘freely’ choosing to do! We aren’t in control, IT’S CONTROLLING US! We think we are so far above it, so far removed from it, so far beyond it, but actually, we are so deep in it that we can’t even see that we are the ones in bondage! If we want REAL FREEDOM then we must face the TRUTH! Only the truth can set us free! 

“Grace is the very thing that sets us FREE FROM the desires and cravings that control us, that we are in bondage to.”

We may have gotten away with it until now. It may have been so long that we’ve become used to the impure mix. After all, it hasn’t been exposed, no one knows about it, the tapping on our conscience seems to have silenced. We may think we have gotten away with living in mixture – living with impurity in the secret of our personal lives, behind the closed doors, away from the pulpit and public platform, outside of the spotlight and stage. But not any longer. Holiness is flooding in like a torrent of truth and reminding us of the standards and statutes that HE has set. The fear of the Lord is sweeping through hearts and lives at an unprecedented level that has never been experienced and it is for an unimaginable purpose. God is putting the AWE back in His awesome, God is reinstating holiness to the centre of His Church, the Bride is being called to MAKE HERSELF READY with clean hands and pure hearts. 

“Holiness is flooding in like a torrent of truth and reminding us of the standards and statutes that HE has set.”


HOW do we do this? After we face the truth and acknowledge our ways, we repent. Do not hear the spirit of religion lie to you right now, this is NOT a legalistic to-do list, this is NOT an attempt to ‘make ourselves holy’ by following a formula or striving to perform to ‘earn’ anything. Newsflash: you are ALREADY HOLY. The Word says it, Jesus purchased it, the Father sees it and the Spirit has gifted it. We are holy AND we are continually being made holy. 

The way we can protect ourselves from falling into the trap of trying and religious striving is only by surrendering to the Spirit and laying our lives on the alter. It’s called grace because it’s a free gift, grace because it cannot be earned by good works, grace because it’s obtained by belief, grace because it’s activated by faith. 

We must seek His presence day in and day out, spend time in the secret place with Him, cultivate a heart to hear Him, perceive Him, sense Him and follow Him, indulge in His Word morning and night, soak in His presence as we worship, continually praise and give thanks, make fasting a lifestyle, pray at all times and in the Spirit, forgive and forget, let go of offence, bitterness, hurt and pain, actively pursue unity with the family of God and simply LOVE. Seriously – just love. THESE ARE THE VERY THINGS THAT WILL TRANSFORM US INTO THE IMAGE OF JESUS AND CREATE IN US A LIFE OF HOLINESS! 


There can be no ‘mix’ in this era. There cannot be 90% Kingdom and 10% world. It’s an unavoidable choice of two opposing forces: yes-no, in-out, for-against. There is no place for fence sitters, double mindedness, passionless, half-heartedness, or luke-warmness at this time. God is purging. God is purifying. We must humble ourselves now while we have the gentle invitation and opportunity, or be prepared to be humbled! It is about to become very clear in these coming days who is consecrated in purity and holiness and who has been half-hearted and apathetic. This is not His condemnation, this is His GRACE! Out of sheer grace and love He is offering us a chance to wash our hands and clean our conscience! He is moving swiftly in His sovereignty and we each have a choice to get out of the way (do not obstruct the Lord’s will with our opinions, beliefs and blindness!) and walk WITH Him, or to get left behind in our attempts to come against the very things that He is doing. Wow. I don’t want to be weighed and found wanting. I don’t want to be caught out with empty oil. And I certainly don’t want to fervently rise against a move only to discover I was the very one coming against the will of God. 

“Out of sheer grace and love He is offering us a chance to wash our hands and clean our conscience!”


Secondly, this verse tells us that these people think they can avoid persecution. Friends…the cross is a magnet for persecution!!! We can’t avoid it. Preaching the truth brings persecution. Prophesying purity brings persecution. Teaching holiness brings persecution. Calling forth consecration brings persecution. So if you’re being persecuted for any of this, then congratulations my friend, you’re on the right track! 

Not only are we never promised a life free from this, we’re actually promised the exact opposite. Here’s a beautiful biblical promise to print up in pretty florals and put on the wall to meditate over: You will be persecuted when you follow Jesus. There’s no way out of it or around it. We can’t preach a watered down version of the gospel that makes people feel good and justifies our conformity to culture in an (unconscious) attempt to avoid persecution. The casual Christians will love us. The world may even like us. But it’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ or the message of the cross. 

“We can’t preach a watered down version of the gospel that makes people feel good and justifies our conformity to culture in an (unconscious) attempt to avoid persecution. The casual Christians will love us. The world may even like us. But it’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ or the message of the cross.”


The call to consecration causes offence in those of us who are contaminated with the world because it holds a mirror of truth up to our hearts and blatantly reveals that the reflection is not what it should be. It challenges our consciences because deep down the Spirit is stirring in us to fly higher and soar in truth, but the flesh-life and self-life is screaming at us to keep feeding it. It is a hungry – no, starving, ravenous – beast and it perpetually devours us as we continually feed it it’s favourite delicacies: the ways of this world and the desires and cravings of the self-life. 

The enemy is so scared of a Bride living in deeper humility and holiness who doesn’t care about her own ministry, platform, glory, name or fame because he knows full well how powerfully God will use these pride-less, purged, pure people because they have no value for the ways of this world. The enemy can’t manipulate them, tempt them or trick them with things they view as worthless. Which means he no longer has a hold of them or a foothold into their hearts. 

Holiness sets us free.

“The enemy can’t manipulate them, tempt them or trick them with things they view as worthless. Which means he no longer has a hold of them or a foothold into their hearts.”

Can you see why the enemy is so afraid of this call to consecration and this heightening of holiness that is happening right now? Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? Purchase some eye salve, now!!! Purity, maturity, humility and holiness is crying out your name! He has chosen you, called you, marked you and set you apart, will you say yes to The call? It will cost you. It will require sacrifice. It will produce persecution in your life. But in this era He is running ahead in His providence, He is pouring Himself out in power and authority and He is displaying His goodness and glory like we have never seen before. This level of God’s greatness absolutely REQUIRES a purging, pruning, purifying and polishing that produces HOLINESS in order to be able to humbly handle and strategically steward the level of harvest that is upon us. 

His magnificence is about to be magnified by His miracles. His wonder is about to be awoken by His awesomeness. His limitless love is about to be poured out by His goodness. Our great God is about to flaunt Himself in His power and authority and if we are to partner with Him in order to see His Kingdom extended then we must humble ourselves in humility, purity and consecrate ourselves in holiness and BE the platform for HIM to promote HIMSELF on. 

So let’s together examine our hearts in the light of His presence, His unconditional love and His unending grace. Let us join together now and offer our lives, our absolute ALL to Him on the alter as a living sacrifice. May He pour down His refining fire and consume anything within us that is not of Him and to strengthen, purify and fortify that which is His gold. Let’s partner with Him and consecrate ourselves, for tomorrow the Lord is going to do wonders among us!

“Let’s consecrate ourselves, for tomorrow the Lord is going to do wonders among us!”

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