Soldiers Arise

In my pre-kid life I had these perfect ideals of being so gender neutral as a parent, not to push anything one way or another onto either my boys or girls. And I still try and hold onto that, except…well…my son is a complete and utter boys boy! Rugged, masculine, warrior-like, fighting, energetic, outdoors, cars, trains, planes, mechanical, engineering kind of guy. To the core. Neither my husband or myself are this way inclined, so thank goodness for uncles and grandfathers in our lives! “You want to go camping?!?!?! Papa will take you!” “You want to build a car engine?!?! Ask Uncle Andrew!” “You want to learn martial arts? Thank goodness Uncle Lachlan is an MMA fighter!” So it was no surprise one morning recently when Hugo casually told me that he wanted to dress up as a knight in shining armour and slay the evil dragon (Mummy. Of course) to save the beautiful princess (his sister – again, there’s those ‘gender neutral’ ideals out the window) who is in the big castle surrounded by alligator infested waters. Yep, boys boy. image

It was one of those magical-mama-moments when the stars aligned and I just happened to have copious amounts of silver metallic cardboard on hand. As you do. So we crafted all morning and played all afternoon. Poor mamma-dragon (seriously, there’s no symbolic meaning or metaphor there at all, complete coincidence. I keep telling myself.) got slain way too many times and Hugo-the-Hero saved the beautiful princess from her tower of captivity. All was well with the world. We finished the game and put the newly created outfits into the dress up box.


A few days later my daughter decided she wanted to wear the armour, so big brother donned her in the shining breastplate, she wielded a sword in her hand and placed the crown on her head (hey, she still wanted that princess edge). I thought to myself, perfect! There’s my little strong warrior girl, see I am gender neutral and break all stereotypes! Visions of Joan of Arc and strong and mighty women riding into battle flooded my mind as I encouraged my daughter in her play. But in the days that have since gone by I look at the pictures of her dressed like this and see so much more. I see a powerful and prophetic promise over her life.


I try to avoid all cheesy princess paraphernalia, mostly because it just makes me want to throw up, but I couldn’t help seeing the prophetic image before me and hearing the words over her “My daughter, the warrior-princess.” Although this is a promise for my earthly daughter and a prophetic vision for me as a mother to encourage and develop, I heard God’s words not just over her, but over myself, my family and all of His Bride.

image Lately the Spirit has been revealing the exact same message to me over and over again in every different situation and very vast mediums. Whether it’s a sermon I sit under, a podcast I listen to, a Periscope teaching session, a song I worship to, a word I hear, a book I read, whatever, I keep hearing three things that are for right now: Authority, Identity and Inheritance.


Knowing our authority means that we know what power has been given to us through Jesus and made available through the Holy Spirit. Knowing our identity means knowing who we are and who’s we are…the child of the King. Knowing our inheritance means knowing what is rightfully ours and actively stepping into it, taking it back if it’s been stolen or kicking the unwelcome inhabitants out of our Promised Land. These three things are individually powerful, but together we perceive the depth of the revelation because they can’t exist without each other! The King has all authority. The King is my Dad. I receive my inheritance from my Dad. Boom.

Knowing our authority means that we know what power has been given to us. Knowing our identity means knowing who we are and who’s we are. Knowing our inheritance means knowing what is rightfully ours.

Tying this all in together God has really been speaking to me personally but also showing me a glimpse into the Bride…he is calling his children to rise up in their identity as sons and daughters of the King, to know and apply their God-given authority, to put on all of their armour and to step up to the front line of the battle to take back the Promise Land: our inheritance! What is rightfully ours! What Jesus died for on the cross; the very things that he suffered for and endured the pain and anguish for, carried the burdens for, SO THAT we could have and possess as our own BECAUSE we are God’s very children! Eternal life! Abundant life! Healing! Health & wholeness! Breakthrough! Provision! Peace! Power! His presence! And even more than this…dreams, desires and destinies. Sons and Daughters of the King, Soldiers of the Lord, Children of God, it’s time to arise. It’s time to put on all of our armour. It’s time to put our roots deep deep down in Him, to overcome our adversaries, to rise above our circumstances, to gird ourselves to the very core in TRUTH revealed by the Holy Spirit, to lift up our shield of faith, to wield our sword and declare his Word, to THINK THOUGHTS from a salvation perspective, to believe we are the righteousness of God in Christ, to be peaceMAKERS, to discern the spiritual and fight the unseen battle going on around us, to SEE the enemy’s schemes and tactics for what they are, to stay alert so that we are aware, on guard and prepared at all times..SO THAT we can take ground and step into our Promise Land – the beginning of the fulfilment and manifestation of the dreams and desires he has placed within us and step into the destiny he has designed for us for such a time as this.

Sons and Daughters of the King, Soldiers of the Lord, Children of God, it’s time to arise

* * *

The more I look at the pictures of my daughter dressed as a strong soldier with the princess crown upon her head and wielding her sword, the more I see a vision over her life, over my own and over yours. A vision of God’s mighty children arising in their authority and identity and taking up their inheritance, stepping into their Promised Land. He is not just calling us to be strong, He is calling us to be UNSHAKABLE. “…be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of his explosive power flowing in and through you… You must wear all the armor that God provides so you’re protected as you confront the slanderer, for you are destined for all things and will rise victorious…” (Eph 6:10,13 The Passion Translation)